Custom made solutions for machine vision and artificial intelligence systems.
Part creativity, part science.

Machine vision has and will have a critical role in the development of Industry 4.0.
Relying on machine intelligence in manufacturing always results in improved reliability, safety, product quality and productivity on the factory floor.
Born in 2018, EUVISIA is backed by more than a decade of applied research and hands-on experimentation in the field of computer vision, data fusion and machine learning.

Our mission is to help you building your own vision system by exploring never-seen-before industrial solutions. We don't sell pre-made, off-the-shelf products; we create unique systems based on your requirements, even small parts of them.

We design, prototype and implement high quality software that leverages the most recent image processing and artificial intelligence techniques. We create groundbreaking, trailblazing, extremely customized, yet sound, scalable, accurate and stable algorithms.

If you have a vision, it is worth to make it visible.

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We are located in Udine (Italy), but technology will help us to reach out almost everywhere.
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Address: 33040 SAN LEONARDO (UD), ITALY - P.IVA: 02937700306 - N.REA: UD-299572